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How to spend less on your next vacation abroad

I was listening to a radio show a few days ago as people called in to complain fiercely about exorbitant airfares. People complained that a round-trip to the United Kingdom was costing between N300, 000 to N500, 000. “The airlines ...

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Azman air

How to book flight tickets on Azman Air

We decided to write this post for the benefit of our followers who want to know how to book travel tickets on Azamn Air. Azman Air is one of Nigeria’s new domestic airlines. Follow these processes to make a reservation. ...

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Africans In China

How to travel to China from Nigeria

Information provided below is to guide you on how to travel to China from Nigeria There are different types of visas issued for travellers in Nigeria but we will on treat the Business and Tourist Visa. General information All applicants ...

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baby on plane

How to travel with an infant on a plane

If you are flying with an infant alone (without a travel companion), there are few things you might want to put into consideration. Some of the tips below are recommendations from pediatricians plus years of experience in this industry so ...

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India effects new visa rules for Nigerian applicants

The new Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ghanashyam Rangaiah, on Tuesday, announced new measures that would enable Nigerians obtain visas to India with ease. Mr. Rangaiah said that the commission was working hard at making Nigerians to personally visit its ...

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dubai visa

Emirates opens Dubai visa processing centre in Lagos

Emirates and its commercial partner Dubai Visa Processing Centre have inaugurated the Dubai Visa Application Services in Lagos. The introduction of this facility is aimed at providing high quality services to applicants from Nigeria seeking the United Arab Emirates visa ...

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UK court approves stringent visa rules for foreign spouses

 The UK Court of Appeal has cleared the way for a minimum income threshold of 18,600 pounds for British citizens bringing foreign spouses to live with them in the country, a move likely to affect thousands of visa applicants, including Nigerian-origin people. The appeal court ...

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passport control

South Africa’s new visa rules – a comprehensive list

The South African government on Monday said it would not budge on its new visa rules but pledged to “deal” with problems raised in the implementation of those regulations. The new immigration laws have sparked confusion and panic among Nigerians ...

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