Sample Complaint Letter to To An Airline About Flight Delay

Airline delays are about as pleasant as migraine headaches. The rescheduled flight time can be a major inconvenience in your plans. While in some circumstances delays are manageable, overall they can be very frustrating. If you have recently experienced a flight delay, consider writing a complaint letter.

A complaint letter lets the airline know you feel. It provides them with an opportunity to apologize, and compensate you for your loss of time. It can help the airlines provide better service in the future.

Below is a sample complaint letter to an airline. This example might help you form your own letter. If possible, type the letter in business letter format. Read “How to Write a Business Letter” if you’ve forgotten.

If you aren’t sure where to mail the letter, you might find the information on the airline’s website.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have traveled with XXX Airlines several times in the past five years. Normally, I am very happy with the service. However, on August 14, 2012, I had an unpleasant experience. This has been very upsetting for me, and I want to send you a letter to give you the opportunity to respond.

This was not a scheduled trip. My cousin unexpectedly passed away. I bought the tickets at full price at the last minute to attend her funeral. I was to leave Amarillo, TX at 8:16 am and arrive in Dallas. My flight number was 12345. I have enclosed a copy of my ticket for your reference.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for 87 minutes. The reason I was given was for “mechanical issues.” It was not related to the weather.

This flight delay prevented me from reaching my connected flight in Dallas to St. Louis. While I was eventually able to get on another flight, I ended up being late in St. Louis and missed my cousin’s funeral. I am very sad that I was unable to be there.

I am kindly asking that you please compensate me for the delay. I have enclosed a self-address stamped envelopment for your convenience.


Adekunle Kayode

Always be truthful when writing a complaint letter. In some cases, these complaint letters will not receive any response from the airlines. But, you might receive a voucher or small coupon for your troubles. Good Luck!