Snag As Airline Re-tweets Pornographic Image with Official Twitter Account

indigoFollowers of Indigo Airlines’ twitter account were recently in for a shock when they received a retweet of a pornographic image from the airline’s account.

The tweet has been taken off and a complaint registered. Indigo had earlier suspected an employee error.

However, it later turned out it was a hacking incident. The airline has complained to the twitter company as well.

“We found that the handle was compromised during the day. The matter is of serious concern to us and is currently under investigation,” an Indigo airline spokesperson said.

Airline sources said that soon after the pornographic image from the twitter account went viral, there was a flood of complaints and tweets to the airline.
However, followers were pacified after being informed by the airline some time later.

Indigo has a fleet size of 69 aircraft. The airline operates about 535 daily flights to over 34 destinations. Ironically, despite its large operations, the airline was late in joining the social media platform of twitter.