Two Air Hostesses Land British Airways in Viral YouTube Strip Scandal

Eight-minute tape shows one air hostess sliding off her uniform to reveal her underwear as the other rubs her down in the bath

Two air hostesses in uniform, land British Airways in viral YouTube strip scandal

Two purported “air stewardesses” have landed British Airways (BA) in a YouTube stripping scandal.

An eight minute clip, entitled ‘Sexy Two Air Hostesses in Uniform,” of the two uniformed air stewardess, has been doing the rounds since it was first uploaded in June 2012.

The two ‘air stewardesses’ in the stripping off footage appear to be wearing genuine BA outfits. This has led BA to order an investigation to establish the identity of the two women in the video.

According to the Sun, the clip is believed to have been shot in a hotel during a flight stopover.

One pilot told the newspaper: “They don’t make stewardesses like they used to.”

Another YouTube viewer commented: “Reminds me why I became a pilot.”

The video starts with two blonde stewardesses in uniform discussing as they pose before the camera. One then goes on to open up her hair and the second hold out the hand shower to wash it in a bathtub.


She then strips off her cabin services manager’s uniform down to her lingerie with her partner massaging her. The women’s antics then become even more explicit.

Shot with a background soundtrack, the two women are seen giggling through the video.

Reports say the video spread though the airline employees first. With its motto, To Fly, To Serve, the scandalous video has attracted a number of comments on its site.

BA, meanwhile, said that it is aware of the video and is trying to trace the pair.

A spokesman for the airline was quoted as saying: “We have no evidence to suggest that the two women are or have ever been BA employees.”

“We’re aware of the video. Investigations continue to establish their identity,” the airline said.

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